How Long Do The Balloon Decorations Last?

Air filled balloons can last for weeks, depending on the indoor environmental conditions.  Latex helium balloons are treated with hi-float to extend their lifespan and last generally up to 48 hours, however can’t be guaranteed as it depends on how they are stored (temperature and room conditions) and how much weight is hung from [...]

What’s The Delivery, Installation and Strike Fee?

We calculate delivery and installation fees on top of your order.  The delivery fee is calculated based on the distance from zip code 80108 to your event location.   Our installation fee is 20% of your order subtotal.  The strike charge is when we return to retrieve our equipment, this is not always needed [...]

How Much Do Balloon Decorations Cost?

Please see our general price guide here . Our custom balloon décor pricing varies based on the type of design, complexity, length, volume and delivery and installation costs.  Garlands and arches are priced per foot, so having measurements of the space where you would like your balloons to go will help give you a [...]

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Submit My Order?

As soon as you have a date for your event and have secured your venue (if applicable).  We strongly suggest booking at least two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment if we don’t have availability or don’t have the materials for your project.  If you have a date and venue but are not sure [...]

What Do You Use To Hang Your Balloon Garlands?

We always try to use existing anchoring points when hanging our garlands.  If there are none that we can use, we use removable 3M Command hooks.  Here is an instructional video on how to properly remove them.  We also offer free-standing backdrop frames to enhance any design and eliminate the need to attach the [...]

How Long Does Installation Usually Take?

The time it takes to install our balloon décor varies and is based on the scale of the design.  All the balloon inflating is done ahead of time, so we try to keep it to an hour maximum for most standard projects.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

If you need to reschedule your order, you must do so at least two weeks before your event date and we will be happy to apply your deposit to a future date based on availability. Cancellations less than one week from the event date are no longer eligible to be rescheduled. Deposits are not [...]

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